Facebook Account Creation

  1. Visit www.facebook.com.

  2. Fill the following mandatory fields: First Name, Last Name, Your Email, Re-enter Email, New Password, Birthday, and Male or Female.

    Facebook Home Page

  3. Click "Sign Up".

    Sign Up Form Filled

  4. Visit developers.facebook.com/tools/explorer.

  5. Click on the "Get Access Token" button.

    Facebook Developer Explorer Page

  6. On the "Select Permissions" window, click "Clear".

  7. On the "Select Permissions" window, click "Extended Permissions".

    Select Permissions

  8. Under the "Extended Permissions" tab, select the following options: offline_access, publish_stream and read_stream.

    Extended Permissions

  9. Click the "Get Access token" button.

    Extended Permissions Selected

  10. On the "Graph API Explorer" window, click "Log In with Facebook".

    Graph API Explorer

  11. On the "Request for Permissions" screen, click "Allow".

    Graph API Explorer Allow

  12. Get the access token required by the installer from the "Access Token" field.

    Access Token Generated