Roomba and Create Setup for RoboServer

  1. Remove your robot from its docking station.

    Roomba Docked

    Roomba Undocked

    Create Docked

    Create Undocked

  2. Turn off your robot by pressing and holding the "CLEAN/POWER" button until it powers down.

    Roomba On

    Roomba Off

    Create On

    Create Off

  3. Remove the faceplate or serial port protector from your Roomba, or the serial port protector from your Create.

    Roomba without Dust Bin

    Roomba without Faceplate

    Create with Serial Port Protector

    Create without Serial Port Protector

  4. Connect the RooTooth to your Roomba or Create 7 pin mini din serial port.

    Roomba Serial Port

    Roomba with Rootooth

    Create Serial Port

    Create with Rootooth

  5. Turn on your robot by pressing the "CLEAN/POWER" button.

    Roomba Turned Off

    Roomba Turned On

    Create Turned Off

    Create Turned On