Skype Configuration on iPod touch

  1. Start the iPod touch mounted on your robot.

  2. Press the "Settings" app.

    iPod touch Home

  3. Scroll down.

    Settings App

  4. Press "Skype".

    Settings App

  5. Set "Sign In Automatically" to "ON" and "Go Offline" to "Never ".

    Skype Settings

  6. Press the "Home" button at the bottom of the iPod touch.

    iPod touch Home

  7. Scroll to the "Skype" app.

  8. Press the "Skype" app.

    Skype on iPod touch

  9. Press the "Increase Volume" button on the left of the iPod touch to increase volume to its maximum setting.

    Skype Contacts

    Skype Volume Mute

    Skype Volume Full