Skype Installation on Client Computer

  1. Open your Web browser and go to address

    Skype Home Page

  2. Click "Get Skype > Windows".

    Get Skype Menu

  3. Click "Download Skype".

    Skype for Windows Download

  4. Click "Save > Save As".

    Skype Thank You

  5. In the "Save As" window, navigate to a temporary folder and click "Save".

    Save As Window

  6. In the temporary folder, double-click on "SkypeSetup.exe".

    Skype in Temporary Folder

  7. In the "Skype - Install" window, select "Language" and click "I agree - next".

    Skype Install Window

  8. Click "Next >".

    Skype Install Next Window

    Skype Installing Window

    Welcome to Skype