Robot Setup for RoboWebCam

  1. Attach the iPod touch dashboard mount to your Roomba or Create using the suction cup (use an adhesive base if necessary) (RM and TP).

    Roomba without Mount

    Roomba with Mount

    Create with Mount Base

    Create with Mount

  2. Attach the iPod touch to the dashboard mount (RM and TP).

    Roomba without iPod

    Roomba with iPod

    Create without iPod

    Create with iPod

  3. Put one Velcro adhesive strip on your robot (RM and TP).

    Roomba without Velcro

    Roomba with Velcro

    Create without Velcro

    Create with Velcro

  4. Put another Velcro adhesive strip on the back of the solar charger (RM and TP).

    Solar Charger without Velcro

    Solar Charger with Velcro

  5. Attach the solar charger to your robot (RM and TP).

    Roomba with Velcro

    Roomba with Solar charger

    Create with Velcro

    Create with Solar Charger

  6. Connect the solar charger to iPod touch (RM and TP).

    Roomba with Solar Charger

    Roomba with Cable

    Create with Solar Charger

    Create with Cable