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What's new in RoboWebCam 2.0

RoboWebCam 2.0 released in April 2013 includes the following new capabilities:

  • Performance improvements.
  • User's guide now available on

See through the eyes of your robot

RoboWebCam is a webcam for your robot. See through the eyes of your robot remotely from any computer or device with a browser and Internet connectivity. Use it with an iPod touch mounted on your robot to control your robot remotely with RoboControl or iRoboControl.


RoboWebCam provides the following features:

  • Native iOS graphical user interface.
  • Monitor remotely using the front camera of an iPod touch mounted on your robot.
  • Password protected.
  • Client and server running on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and iPad mini with front camera and Internet connectivity (optimized for iPod touch).
  • iOS native application.

Required Components

RoboWebCam requires the following components:

  • iPod touch 4th generation with mounting device.
  • Solar charger for iPod touch with adhesive Velcro.

RoboWebCam Screens

To view detailed specifications on RoboWebCam.

To view the RoboWebCam User's Guide.

RoboWebCam is currently not available.